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Book no.1

A Harbour for Broken Hearts
(The Sadie Jones Series, Book 2)

How far can a heart be stretched before it breaks?

Eighteen-year-old Sadie Jones has started her first year at Dalhousie University in Halifax filled with hope. She’s finally living the life she always imagined—a fresh start in a new city, access to a great education, and her best friend, Dawn Steeves, as her roommate.

But when an unexpected family emergency sends Sadie back to her hometown, old fears resurface. Will she be forced to walk the path of grief again? In this second book of the Sadie Jones Series, Tom Carter—the man who had already captured her heart once—arrives at just the right time to offer support and a shoulder to cry on. As her feelings for Tom intensify again, the summer promise that she made to herself to put her personal and spiritual growth above the pursuit of romance is put to the test.

While Sadie’s head and heart battle in an emotional tug-of-war, stress continues to mount at school, with her family, and even with Dawn. Overwhelmed and confused, Sadie finds herself unintentionally playing games with Tom’s heart.

Will Sadie’s actions push away the very people that she cares about the most or will they find a way through the heartbreak?

Find out as you follow Sadie on a journey to discover the guidance she craves is ultimately found in the protective harbour of God’s love…

Book no.2
Book no.3
Hope at the Ocean's Edge Cover 4d (1).pdf.jpg

Hope at the Ocean's Edge
(The Sadie Jones Series, Book 1)

Is a Fresh Start Finally Possible After a Life-altering Tragedy?

Sadie Jones experienced extreme devastation at only nine years old. Now on the cusp of her high school graduation, Sadie is more than ready for a future that will take her away from the small town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia…

As the year is wrapping up, she catches the attention of a cute lobster fisherman who works down at the local docks. Tom Carter is everything Sadie would want—he’s charming, honest, and hardworking, but will he ever be able to accept her distrust of God?

When a stranger from her mother’s past reaches out, Sadie finds herself poised to experience the culture and adventure she’s always dreamed of, but she also is on the brink of emotional breakdown.

Will she open her heart to God’s plan for her life and will she find hope and love at the ocean’s edge?

Illustrated by Mark Cann.jpg

Lester the Lobster and the Great Escape

Lester the Lobster's unique red shell makes him stand out from his friends—not necessarily in a good way. A red shell typically means that a lobster is…cooked. But when he and his lobster buddies get caught by a fisherman and sold to a fish market, it's up to Lester to use his cleverness and his red shell to rescue them all.

Lester the Lobster and the Great Escape is a playful story that is sure to entertain both the young and the young at heart.

Illustrated by Mark Cann (2).jpg

Lester le homard et la grande évasion

L’unique carapace rouge de Lester le homard le distingue de ses amis – pas nécessairement d’une bonne manière. Une carapace rouge signifie généralement qu’un homard est… cuit. Mais quand lui et ses amis homards se font prendre par un pêcheur et se font vendre à un marché de poisson, c’est à Lester d’utiliser son côté rusé et sa carapace rouge pour tous les sauver.

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