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A COVID-Friendly Advent For the Whole Family

Christmas traditions are a fun way to connect as a family and create special wonder-filled memories that we treasure for years.

One of my favourite things about marriage and growing a family has been blending traditions from my own childhood and my husband’s and creating new ones together with our children.

As I’ve reflected on my own memories and childhood traditions, I realized that so many of the best parts of the Christmas season happen in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas Day. It’s the anticipation, the wonder, the stillness, the togetherness that make the Christmas season magical.

This year promises to be a different one for many, whether we like it or not. But Christmas is a season of hope. Christ can into the middle of a messy world to bring HOPE.

A hope that shines light into the darkest of places.

And hope is the very thing that we all so desperately need right now.

So I wanted to make sure that our family was focused on hope and not fear, gratefulness and not loss, family and friendships over dissension. This advent is one that I’ve put together for my family this Christmas season to help us

  1. show love,

  2. foster togetherness,

  3. and learn empathy.

Given the current difficulties in connecting with others as a result of the pandemic’s second wave, you will find that these activities are single bubble focused and are acceptable for a socially distant community.

We will plan to do one activity each day leading up to Christmas. I plan print these off and let our children read one each day.

Feel free to adapt, adjust, and accommodate to make it your own.

A Covid Christmas Advent

  1. Write and mail a thank you letter to an essential worker.

  2. Bake something sweet together as a family.

  3. Deliver handmade treats to a neighbour.

  4. Make an encouraging or festive display for your window.

  5. FaceTime with a family member that you miss.

  6. Make a care pack for someone who is in need this season (here is a great list of things you can include.)

  7. Draw pictures or make homemade cards to mail or deliver to a nursing home.

  8. Build a gingerbread house. No kit? No problem. Get creative with food from home. You can use poptarts, graham crackers, cookies, or even toast! The sillier the better!

  9. Leave few dollars and a note in the toy section of the dollar store for another child to buy something.

  10. Pick out some of your toys to give away or donate. Look for local Buy Nothing groups or charities doing used toy drives.

  11. Snuggle under a blanket and read Christmas stories together.

  12. Tell everyone in your family something that you love about them.

  13. Deliver non-perishable food items to a food bank.

  14. Cook a meal for a new mom and deliver it to her doorstep.

  15. Offer to get or deliver groceries for an at-risk or elderly person.

  16. Play outside (Build a snowman if there’s snow – don’t forget the snowman’s mask!)

  17. Drive around as a family and look at Christmas lights (pjs and hot chocolate a bonus!)

  18. Pay for someone’s order behind you in a drive through.

  19. Write a thank you note to your teachers (deliver it with a hot drink if you can!)

  20. Make and hang paper snowflakes.

  21. Play a board game either as a family or with friends through zoom. Christmas charades is a great family friendly game everyone can enjoy.

  22. Shop at a local small business. Need to buy groceries? Try shopping at a local grocer instead of a chain. Amazon purchase? Shop their small business section. Online shopping? Etsy offers great handmade options. Talk to your kids about the importance of supporting local and small businesses.

  23. Give a compliment to a stranger.

  24. Make a stovetop potpourri to make your house smell like Christmas. Here’s one great recipe.

  25. Read the Christmas Story as a family.

Wishing you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas!

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